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Acquire Experts IT’s by Aid of IT Staffing Agencies in Atlanta

Every company runs in chasing and capturing expert IT for their firms. Do you know what the main reason behind it is? Everyone knows that a company can bolster their profits and earn success in short span of time the competent IT team of the company.  It is the backbone of the company which raises it to such a high position which they have ever dreamt in your life. It enhances performance of the company, reduce their time and pains and offer the desired result within short span of time. So realize the importance of IT department of your company and get experts for it by aid of IT Staffing Agencies in Atlanta.IT staffing services in Atlanta on understanding the clients and the needs will find the right workforce for the client companies. The understanding on the business let the IT staffing services to design comprehensive and proactive recruiting and staffing strategies. The HR, contact center principle events of IT staffing Atlanta GA in fact help them in staying top and creating positive impact in clients to share the best practices and to strengthen the relationships adding much value through networking and business intelligence.

Best mode to survive in competing world

Staffing Service

Are you searching for a means with the help of which you can easily survive in this cut throat competition and stand out of the crowd? Then hold the hand of IT staffing agencies in Atlanta. As it realize the importance of IT department of every company and try their best to offer them the people as per their requirement. So don’t waste time and visit immediately to earn the dreamt success in your life.

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Friday, 16 November 2012

IT Staffing Agencies in Atlanta – solution For Your Urgent Staff Need

Are you in need of the best IT staff for your firm? If so it is the time to get the help of IT staffing agencies in Atlanta. You can get perfect staffs for your all type of needs. You can select from hardware experts, software experts, system administrators, networking experts, software professional and more depending on your needs. There is no need for you to spend on advertisement. Agencies provide you with perfect solutions for your urgent staff needs. You can get the staff with required talents and professional knowledge. IT staffing agencies in Atlanta send the candidates to the business or office only after strict screening and interview.

Staffs at Affordable Rates

Staffs at Affordable Rates

Staffs are severed by the staffing agencies on permanent and part time basis. If you need the help of staff for just an hour, you can even go for that. This service helps you to save a lot in terms of salary. Staffs are available at affordable rates. You can get staffs on hourly basis, daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis or as per your convenient timing. Countless firms and organizations are making use of this service to get the work done with high quality from the IT experts at reasonable rates. is one the most reliable IT staffing agencies in Atlanta. Staffing experts of personally interviews all the candidates to make sure that the candidate posses the talents and professional knowledge to meet the needs of the business firms. Visit the site for get the staffs with professional excellence.

To get more info about IT Staffing Agencies in Atlanta visit –

Address: Knacktek 300 Colonial Center Pkwy, Suite 150, Roswell, GA 30076.

Phone No: (678) 534-3932

Fax: (678) 831-4501

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

SharePoint Training for Fresh MS Graduates – CPT/OPT

We are currently screening qualified candidates for next batch of SharePoint Developer training. This is 2 months training including basics/pre-requisites, ASP.NET, C#.NET, SQL Server and SharePoint 2010 including custom development, business intelligence, administration and workflows. This includes 2 week of live project/product work.

Training offerings:

-Extensive Hands on Training and Labs in latest high demand emerging technologies. Real time in person training with full time onsite faculty and hands on in-house projects.
-Mock interviews and personality development crash course
-Free Travel & Accommodation during training and marketing
-H1B Visa sponsorship and assistance in getting CPT, OPT Extension
-Aggressive marketing for quick placements with location preference
-Certification and project support
-Competitive Base Pay + Benefits (paid holidays, vacation, health insurance, relocation assistance,   fixed/percentage salary options)
-Attractive referral bonus (hourly commission as well as one off amount)
-We are E-Verified and can help you with STEM extensions too
-KnackTek has strong in house project and product development team. You will be working on live project  or product during training and you will have option to join in house team based on your performance and available opportunity.

KnackTek is a leading Atlanta based IT Services and Staffing Provider. KnackTek has been in business since 2007 and is headquartered in Roswell, GA and off shore development center in Ahmedabad, India.

We are Tier 1 vendor for many Fortune 500/1000 and mid-tier organizations. Our company is very well capitalized and financially secure. We are a Microsoft certified Gold partner since 2008. The company has a strong US based Inside sales, Sales, Presales, Delivery, Support and recruitment team. Company has very robust compliance policies which are followed very rigorously. We are 100% compliant with USCIS and DOL regulations.

We specialize in executing projects on Microsoft, Hadoop and Enterprise Mobility. We have deep expertise in implementing and supporting SharePoint applications. Our Solution and consultant base has vertical market expertise in Healthcare, Education, Government, Hospitality, Construction, Telecommunications and Financial services. Some of our clients include: U.N., Kaiser-Permanente, Celgene, Shire Pharma, Department of Transportation, FINRA and KPMG.

We offer all of the advantages you would expect from an industry leader including a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package including insurance, holiday and vacation pay, training for new technologies and many more. We are an e-verified company and if required we can sponsor/transfer H1 and we will apply for Green card without any waiting period for eligible candidates. We are always looking for qualified consultants. Here is a brief summary of Fixed Salary Package:

The benefits will include –

1. You will be paid regardless of whether you are on or off assignment. Your MINIMUM off project salary will be $55,000.00 per annum. You will be paid an additional compensation while on project.
2. You can claim up to $1500 in relocation per year while on fixed salary.
3. You will receive 11 paid holidays in a year - 6 are National holidays and 5 are personal days. 2 weeks of paid vacation after you complete 12 months on assignment.
5. Medical / dental / vision insurance. Your portion of the insurance cost is deducted from the last (30th / 31st) paycheck of each month.
6. You will be paid twice a month (15th and the end of each month) regardless of whether we have received the payment from the client.
7. KnackTek will pay for the cost of the H1. We will sponsor your Green Card any time after you complete 6 months on assignment (or sooner if needed).
8. Fixed salary or percentage base salary option

For more information, please visit our website or emails me at for a copy of e-brochure.

Friday, 6 July 2012

How to Leverage IT Staffing Atlanta Agencies?

IT Staffing Atlanta agencies are specialized in the recruitment of software professionals that include software engineers, software programmers, project manager, project leaders, architects, etc. This also includes entry level and senior level staffs such as directors and VP. Apart from this, IT staffing is provided by companies for midway IT professionals such as system administrator, database administrator, business managers, and so on. Certain leading IT staffing agencies offer expert and flawless services in IT staffing. Companies working in IT field search for fresh talent. Lack of infrastructural support does not make them opt for IT staffing solutions which are offered by third party companies.

Staffing Services
Image Courtesy ""

Like the above, many IT companies don't want to involve in recruitment and wish to more concentrate on their business. Those companies outsource their recruitment requirements to third party employment agencies which in lieu of fees offer IT staffing services. Apart from this, IT staffing services is a specialized area and only those people who offer such a services and have infrastructure can only afford it. Experienced and talented IT recruiters are the key for IT staffing agencies in Atlanta. Certain IT companies usually outsource some of their projects to IT staffing agencies in which such staff works for specified period of time on behalf of the company and after the completion of the project leave the firm.

100 % Staffing Services

Image Courtesy "" 

On the basis of the investment, IT staffing agencies charge for the abovementioned services. One alluring advantage of IT staffing service is that where the project team control the execution, the IT staff is engaged as subject matter expert. Two party method helps in complete execution. IT staffing is developed on three sets of relationships which are summarized in the following way- those with hiring managers, those with candidates, and those with senior management. Companies outsource IT staffing requirements to leading recruitment agencies so that they can utilize the expertise enjoyed by the recruitment agency. Apart from this, outsourcing IT staff recruitment to third party agency aids companies in terms of costs incurred in the resource invested, process, etc.

Atlanta Sales Recruiters | Atlanta Sales Recruiter

Image Courtesy ""

Like the above, when some work is outsourced to IT staffing agency which in fact cannot be a full time instead a part time needs less number of days, then it would be certainly in the interest of the firm. IT staffing agencies can save on money because they pay only on the basis of hours spend and not on a monthly basis. Likewise, certain number of companies seems to invest their entire resources and efforts on central business and for that they cannot live with the idea that they should recruit IT staff on their own because it would need an entire set of prioritization.

The Atlanta staffing firm  

Image Courtesy ""

Those companies will go for IT staffing services provided by third party companies and make a deal for some amount and time. IT staffing agencies either places its own IT staff for the service or recruits for such client. Most employers thrust for outsourcing of IT staffing Atlanta to 3rd party is to utilize the best available option in the market.

Atlanta Staff Work

Image Courtesy ""

KnackTek is IT Staffing Atlanta -offers contract and permanent recruitment services for your IT workforce. Feel free to explore our site  to find out more or get in touch with us directly by physical location – Address – 300 Colonial Center Pkwy,Suite 150, Roswell, GA 30076. Phone -(O): (678) 534-3932 Phone (F): (678) 831-4501 Email

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Monday, 18 June 2012

IT Staffing Atlanta Agencies – Top Reasons to Use Their Services

IT Staffing Atlanta Agencies:

Are you inquiring why you should use an IT Staffing Atlanta agency for recruitment processes? Well, there are a multitude of reasons through which can get great benefit from them. Some most advantages reasons include Liability, flexibility, cost, expertise and time. Here we explain each reason in an elaborated manner.

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If an organization utilizes an employee of a Staffing firm, then he/she doesn't come under the direct payrolls of the firm. So, the company has no liability for workers compensation, payroll taxes, professional liability, general liability, and unemployment claims.


When a firm requires a temporary staff or any employee, there is a good deal of time and cost incurred to locate the best and rightly qualified candidate for the position. If the requirements are just for a few weeks or months, then it is not economically practical to recruit someone in-house when you can outsource the same process to any agency which is specialized in the type of position. Hence, you can save a lot on advertisement expenses and have the right candidates lined up. Therefore, the organization is potential to utilize the agency's candidates as much or little as it needs and can discontinue their service when the job is accomplished satisfactorily.

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If an organization is probable to pay a hourly make up or service cost to the staffing agency, then it should remember that the agency is about to pay all of the employees compensation, sate payroll taxes, federal payroll taxes, professional liability insurance and general liability insurance. The agencies make profit from the remaining amount between the client bill rate and pay rate. Hence, the organization is saved from the above mentioned expenses.


This is an important factor about which all of us are in need every time. Selecting, screening and finalizing a candidate whether for temporary or permanent take a good deal of time and money. In a big organization, it is simple to manage temporary or permanent staffing requirements since staffs have more specialized roles such as recruiter or hiring manager. Small to medium sized organizations benefit optimally from using the services of a staffing agency as they are in need of staffs once in a while and may not have the bandwidth to add other jobs to their daily chores, particularly an important one such as hiring and recruiting.


There are many recruiters and staffing agencies specialized in any position or industry that anyone needs. By being lined up with a recruiter or agency that has a specialty for the type of vacancy that you have in mind, opportunities of obtaining the precise talent pool quickly are more, with the probabilities of acquiring the best too increasing. A specialized recruiter or staffing agency takes probably less time to fill your vacancies because they have a good collection of candidate with appropriate skill sets.

Image Courtesy ""

There are many IT staffing Atlanta agencies available online to help you get the right candidate for your company and for candidates to get them located at the right positions.

KnackTek is Atlanta IT Staffing -offers contract and permanent recruitment services for your IT workforce. Feel free to explore our site to find out more or get in touch with us directly by physical location – Address – 300 Colonial Center Pkwy,Suite 150, Roswell, GA 30076. Phone -(O): (678) 534-3932 Phone (F): (678) 831-4501 Email

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Immense Opportunities In IT Staffing Atlanta

In today’s world we see lot of IT staffing agencies across the Globe who have a tie up with the large organizations and helps them in recruiting IT people for their organization. If you are planning to build a career in consultancy field then this field and option would be the best idea in the current market. There are lots of opportunities in IT staffing Atlanta where many organizations are ready to recruit people across the world in IT sector. IT staffing Atlanta has developed many opportunities for upcoming fresher’s who are ready to build their career and have a steady growth in the current market.

These consulting teams for IT recruitment provide all the support and help to the candidates to get through the interview and telephonic interview process so that it would be easy for them to crack the technical round of interview. Once the organization selects these candidates they also provide special training to them to up skill themselves and be confident in the job in which they are capable of doing it. These consulting teams always try to find the right job for the right candidates based on their skill sets and qualifications in the organization.

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Friday, 4 May 2012

IT staffing Is a Boon To IT Industry In Atlanta

In the current century, Technology rules the world. Technology has brought vast advancement in various fields like health care, finance, mechanical industries, information etc. One among the field which has seen very fast and huge advancement is Information Technology. Because of this, career in this field has become a dream for many students. In order to pursue their career in this IT field, students prepare themselves by choosing the studies in computer science. After completing their studies students are in search of IT jobs. This is the place where staffing comes into picture. IT staffing Atlanta are the companies who play of recruiter for IT organizations. Students approach these IT staffing Atlanta agencies in Atlanta with the dream of pursuing their career in IT industry.

These agencies select the right candidate from the list of candidates who have approached for the job based on the requirement given by the IT organizations. These agencies help both the candidates to get the dream job as well as the IT organization to get a good employee to fulfill their vacancy. Lot of IT organizations are in need of the skill full candidates to develop their business. Those candidates are recruited by these organizations with the help of IT staffing agencies. Hence IT staffing is a boon to the IT industry.

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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Boost Your Company’s Performance With Reliable IT Staff

A strong IT team have proved to be an asset for a company as they increase the overall performance with less downtime. Hiring IT staffing Atlanta is not going to be easy but with many agencies around you finding the right candidate for good rates is possible nowadays. Once you register with the IT staffing agencies who are experienced you can be relaxed as they will provide you only with the best. Signing up for valuable contracts for IT staffing Atlanta will allow the company to save in a lot of money without comprising on the quality as well as the reliability.

The IT staffing Atlanta are experts in networking, infrastructure development, Microsoft, ERP, CMS, CMS technology and the company can take maximum advantage of all these calibres for improving their performance as well as profit. Staffing agencies provides you with temporary as well as permanent staff for the IT posts in the company. True experts in IT and who are used to all the latest technologies system surely can prove to be the asset for firms who are looking forward for drastic growth. 

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Monday, 9 April 2012

IT Staffing Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the fastest growing cities in Georgia with more than 1200 multinational companies having its presence there. Along with these multinational companies it brings jobs for various people. IT staffing Atlanta requires lot of people with excellent talent in the field of IT. These companies hire various consultancies to get the best of talent from across the world as any organization with an exceptional IT team can help in bagging various projects and reducing costs by building new technologies. Following are the main advantages of hiring consultancies for recruiting best IT talent.

Quality: Companies which do not have expertise in the field of IT won’t be able to hire the best talent, so building an expertise is something which is long term and requires lot of cost. In short term companies prefer to outsource their requirement to consultancies and get the best of talent.

Staffing methods: In today’s world of knowledge and technology it is important to use best staffing methods which reduces time taken in hiring a candidate with appropriate skills and a guy who fits in the required role. Advance methods like background verification, conducting written tests among all the applicants, looking for required skill sets and matching job description are some of the important things which only an specialized consultancy can do.

Network: A company which specializes in hiring can reduce the costs of hiring as they would have the idea of best talents in the field of IT and they can very easily recognize the true potential something which related to company .

Salary Trends: IT consultancies also help in reducing the cost of hiring the right candidate for the right job as they conduct yearly surveys across the city and have a fair idea of what other companies are paying for the same profile along with perks. With knowledge and idea of what competitors are doing a company can definitely plan its long term strategy and compete with its peers within the industry in a better way.

Geographical expansion: Whenever a company decides to expand its wings and have it’s presence in other countries then it cannot establish a company directly and explore the market conditions instead it would hire an expert consultancy which would do the market research for it and provide appropriate suggestions. Once everything is suitable a company would invest in various countries and benefit from the synergies which it can derive because of its goodwill.

Administrative Cost: Apart from providing staffing solutions and IT consultancy can also provide its expert service in reducing administrative costs which can help in increasing the profit of an organization along with improving performance.

IT staffing Atlanta is going to play a bigger role in growing and providing employment to lot of people in coming days. As more and more multinational companies come in the scope for recruiting the best IT talent would only increase along with demand for IT professionals who expertise in various skills like Java, Dot net, open source programmers and IT certified people.

KnackTek is IT Staffing Atlanta -offers contract and permanent recruitment services for your IT workforce. Feel free to explore our site  to find out more or get in touch with us directly by physical location – Address – 300 Colonial Center Pkwy,Suite 150, Roswell, GA 30076. Phone -(O): (678) 534-3932 Phone (F): (678) 831-4501 Email

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

IT Staffing Agencies In Atlanta

Choose right staffs from IT staffing agencies in Atlanta
If you believe that it is the talents of staffs that brings triumph to your business, and then choose staffs that are eminent beyond your imagination from IT Staffing Agencies in Atlanta. Now it is not an unattainable dream to have dedicated staffs at all. With just a few clicks you can hire top qualified IT staffs to fulfill your ventures. Just dodge sweats from your forehead and stay relaxed with wonderful service of IT Staffing Agencies in Atlanta. They will take care of your IT firms. 

If you press enter on your keyboard you maybe get confused, as there will be thousands of result.  Then how can you find the top service provider?  You have to have a look at customer reviews and feedbacks. Then you can see all hands are pointing towards IT staffing agencies in Atlanta. Yes, it is the one and only option for hiring trustworthy staffs. Get your institution placed at the top with excellent skills of IT staffing agency in Atlanta. 

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Boost Your IT Firm By Hiring Staffs From IT Staffing Atlanta

Internet has become advanced beyond our imagination, but isn’t it the Staff who make it enjoyable? Yes, you need experienced IT Staffs to establish a successful IT firm and so it is the right time to get the service of IT Staffing Atlanta. Don’t you desire to have excellent IT staffs that can take care of all your IT ventures? Then, get the top IT staffs from IT staffing Atlanta to fulfill your IT projects within the target time.  

IT Staffing Atlanta is tailored to deliver the dedicated staffs who have deep dedication towards their profession and are enthusiastic to solve your IT problems regardless of time. You can have skilled staffs on, yearly, monthly or else for on basis. IT staffing Atlanta Company is known worldwide for its fruitful service of providing eminent staffs to achieve customer’s personalized business needs! You can have these wonderful staffs at an affordable cost and so it is the time for you to try it now! 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

IT Staffing Agencies In Atlanta – Pick The Best

Just a press on ‘enter’ button with IT staffing agencies in Atlanta on search box brings thousands of results for you. Don’t you need the best service provider? So, how to select the best?  Give preference to your local best staffing provider to make staffing process easier. Have a look on the comments about the firm from the clients. Go through the reviews. Look at the ratings or rankings. The best in all these leads you to Yes you can’t find another best staffing agency in Atlanta other than this.

An excellent platform where employers can meet perfect employees! Select from the list of experienced and talented IT staffs with professional urge and excellence in their field. Hire them as you wish. For an hour, a day, a month, contract, you wish. This facility is what made the best in providing IT staffs in Atlanta.  Find staffs to meet your single window operation to entire organization working. Now the time is yours to hire the best IT staffs in Atlanta.

Monday, 12 March 2012

IT Staffing Agencies in Atlanta – Major Resourcing Pool of IT Talents

Temporary IT staffing is often boasted as the latest HR trend and this has become a global phenomenon as well. it staffing agencies in atlanta  aim at offering solutions to make work faster and with optimum satisfaction. Well, hiring temporary staffs is a phenomenon that prevails since the ancient period of hiring contractual employees for architecture and agriculture operations. This was renovated and revamped to suit the white collar requirements in the modern period. Today, temporary IT staffing services have been developed out the requirements for the firms to concentrate on the major function areas and outsource the others to facilitate the effective use of the firm's resources and time.
Today, companies are looking out for staffing solutions that would be beneficial to their future projects through hiring the right person for the designation. With these services, HR department can remove the everyday hassles of recruitment by providing the firm with a list of professionals that best suit for the vacancies. In this world where time is often spend for money making, IT staffing agencies in Atlanta have become a major resourcing pool of experienced and skilled labor that satisfies both clients and customers to a great extent.

IT staffing  agencies hold a very good collection of IT skilled people having in their repertoire a myriad of areas of interest and concentrate more on the most vital areas to develop and make the companies better to face market competition. Due to tough competition in IT industry, most companies today, hire freelance experts to mange various peripheral aspects of their work structure. Temporary IT staffing includes a multitude of skilled individuals having high qualification and special skills. Their talent pool can range from content writing to technical work to accounting or editing. IT staffing agencies generally work upon preliminary examinations to determine a professional's mastery on his/her area of expertise.
IT agencies have many companies on their network connection and allow them to look at the database given on each professional and select the apt candidate. Hiring from staffing agencies was the phenomenon carried out in the Western areas as an opportune venture. Now, Third World nations have adapted this trend especially for corporate companies. Talent pool that these agencies have to offer and the consistent refrain of recession being played in the backdrop has perhaps become crucial for one to follow this trend. Anyway, as a great advantage or better side of things, IT staffing is proved to be a flexible option to integrate services on contractual basis, which also benefit them at lot.

Temporary IT staffing solutions generally branch into the mainstream job portals that offer the companies with great opportunities to examine their waters before hiring the one. With these services, both the freelancing professionals and the company get a platform to examine their strengths and weaknesses and find out suitable places to locate them. Today, most studies and surveys praise about the benefits of IT staffing phenomenon. It offers a handier access as well as opportunities to get the cumbersome formalities of hiring out the fashion so that the deal of hiring becomes easier, quicker and effective.

Today, companies are looking out for staffing solutions that would be beneficial to their future projects through hiring the right person for the designation. With these services, HR department can remove the everyday hassles of recruitment by providing the firm with a list of professionals that best suit for the vacancies. In this world where time is often spend for money making, IT staffing agencies in Atlanta have become a major resourcing pool of experienced and skilled labor that satisfies both clients and customers to a great extent.
KnackTek is it staffing agencies in atlanta for your IT workforce. Feel free to explore our site - to find out more or get in touch with us directly by calling (877) 480-9634 , emailing

Monday, 5 March 2012

Enjoy The Skill Of IT Staffing Agencies In Atlanta!

Don’t you know that it is the practice and skill of the staffs stands at the top in bringing triumph in your projects? Yes it is really them who fulfill your dreams! Tired of seeking dedicated staffs? Don’t worry is there to provide wonderful IT staffing agencies in Atlanta. Yes to reach the top you had to have the right choice of IT staff. Fulfill your dreams with a sigh of relief with IT staffing agencies in Atlanta! 

Don’t you believe that the secret of a business success is nothing but the sincere staffs? Definitely your answer will be “yes”, so why delay? Get your top IT staffing agencies in Atlanta from Let their eminent talents fruit your business. Just to surprise you with results that you ever hadn’t expect. The searching of reliable IT staffing agencies in Atlanta has been made quite easy by No more sweat in your forehead! No more anxiety in your heart! made your way brighter with their wonderful IT staffing agencies in Atlanta 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Atalanta It Staffing

While hiring new employees for any job poses both a challenge and risk, this is especially true for IT jobs. You may likely need to entrust these new employees with access to sensitive data. This is why you have to be extra careful when it comes to <a href=""><b> Atlanta IT staffing</b></a>.

Atlanta It Staffing

Today many offshore software companies prefer IT staffing Atlantaservices to achieve competency and qualified human resources to match standard of working.

Monday, 16 January 2012

IT Staffing Atlanta From the Professional

Get IT staffing Atlanta services from professional to get good workforce at affordable rates. Atlanta is known for several professional IT staffing service providers and stands as the best. With years of experience and strong reputations the firm serves to the staffing needs of countless businessmen and service providers in Atlanta. Now it is so easy to search for your staff needs without making any advertisement or move from your home.

Just a call or mail! This is what you have to make to get your IT staffs to take care of your desired needs. Get them on hourly, contract and permanent basic. Get your staffs in the way your need it. This is what made to stands apart from the several others who are on the same scenario. Get experienced IT staffs with in-depth knowledge in the working scenario to enjoy flawless and faultless IT operations. What ever is your requirement for IT staffs, IT staffing Atlanta services from brings you the experts to meet your needs.